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Geotechnical Engineering Services


The IET geotechnical staff is experienced in providing geotechnical services with cost effective solutions on the most difficult of sites. Our experienced engineers and geologists rely upon years of experience and are committed to quality, efficiency, and rapid response when dealing with complex geotechnical issues. The IET geotechnical staff specifically develops each scope of service tailored to the varying design requirements of the particular project or structure. Depending on the type of construction project, the conditions below ground can greatly affect the feasibility of the project both physically and financially. Generally, our geotechnical investigations or evaluations begin with a background review of the geologic nature of the construction site. The background review is followed by a specifically designed subsurface investigation which is used to characterize the subsurface materials and geologic structure by using several types or combinations of drill rigs, backhoes, and hand excavation equipment. Field and laboratory testing are then performed to collect data and classify samples of soil and rock to evaluate their engineering properties. Upon completion of the subsurface investigation, a geotechnical report is then prepared by the geotechnical engineering staff to summarize the field and laboratory data. Final conclusions and recommendations are provided in this report to assist the project engineers, architects, and are also included to assist earthwork contractors with the grading phases of the project.